Tecna is the Guardian Fairy of Technology. A former student at Alfea who joined the Winx Club during her stay. As the science expert of the group, the team relies on Tecna to solve any technological issues, whether magical, supernatural or ordinary.


She is the smartest and the youngest member of the Winx Club. She is the fairy to whom the Winx look upto for stratergies and co-ordinating their attacks. With an exceptionally high IQ level of 150 she turns out to to be the information derative for the Club. She is deeply in love Technology ,as her powers are, and her boyfriend Timmy. She is the perfectionist of the group and self-controlled ,for this reasons she may sometimes have troubles expreessing her feeelings and is easily misunderstood. She always thinks rationally and logically where she needs to and emotionally where she has to. And at times in the series she seems to progress and lose control when with the Winx. She once even sacrificed her emotions to acquire Water Stars ,this could be counted her best trait for Arcadia asked the fairies their dearest traits. This also displayed how selfess she is.